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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Nurul Nadia Omar Bakri[Малайзия], Md Azree Othuman Mydin[Малайзия]General Building Defects: Causes, Symptoms and Remedial Work2014, March22820
2Lev V. Utkin[Россия], Yulia A. Zhuk[Россия], Anatoly I. Chekh[Россия]An Ensemble-Based Feature Selection Algorithm Using Combination of Support Vector Machine and Filter Methods for Solving Classification Problems2013, September1175
3Sergei A. Grigor'ev[Россия], Viktor I. Kostin[Россия], Aleksandr S. Grigor'ev[Россия]Power Facilities on the Basis of Renewable Energy Resources and Electrochemical Systems with Hydrogen Store2013, September1169
4 Igor Yu. Botian[Россия], Lev V. Utkin[Россия]A Brief Review of Main SVM-based Ranking Models2014, March1168
5Janet Norgaard[США], Md Azree Othuman Mydin[Малайзия]Polymeric Numerical Model and Parametric Study on Heat transfer in Sandwich and Stringer Panel Systems2013, December1138
6Viktor I. Grafutin[Россия], V.А. Ilyukhin[Россия], Ol'ga V. Ilyukhina[Россия], Galina G. Myasishcheva[Россия], Evgenii P. Prokop'ev[Россия], Yurii V. Funtikov[Россия]Methods of Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy in Nuclear Technology 1. Constructional Materials of Active Zone Reactors (Method of Temporal Distribution of Annihilation Photons)2013, September1129
7Vladimir Markelov[Россия]Geoinformation Modeling in Logistics2013, December1121
8Muhammad Khairil Aizad Senin[Малайзия], Md Azree Othuman Mydin[Малайзия]Significance of Thermal Comfort in Buildings and Its Relation to the Building Occupants2013, September1118
9Farzaneh Safari[Иран], Alison Zamanpour[Иран], Aghil Reihany[Иран], Sara Farah[Иран], Farshad Farahbod[Иран]Prevent Corrosion in Cooling Towers: Finding the Optimum Amount of Makeup Water and the Outlet Water Stream, Experimentally2015, March1062
10Katline Koblev A. Julio[Россия], Konstantin N. Makarov[Россия]Wave Reflection in SUBMARINE Canyons2013, September1054

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